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Everybody loves Shannon!!!
cause it's much better than a soap opera!
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15th-May-2006 02:08 pm(no subject)

join sanitysoptional it's fun!!!

I did it vetta!! i'm spreading the word!! lol
14th-May-2006 04:43 pm - My Rating
My rating
7th-Apr-2006 03:28 pm(no subject)
my journal is now friends only..not that anyone really reads it anyway......
5th-Apr-2006 11:29 pm(no subject)
i hate my job..i need a new one! it sucks!! fuck MEIJER!!

i bought brokeback mountain today..haven't watched it yet..
31st-Mar-2006 08:05 pm(no subject)
i dyed my hair blonde! i may put a pic or two up..but i don't know i don't take very good pictures XD
25th-Mar-2006 01:18 pm - Random memory..
Does anyone else get those..a random memory?

I just got one..but the strange part is I don't remember who it was with..

ok here it is..

The last time that I went to the Muskegon Summer Celebration was in 2000 and the memory that I have is this: Me and Nick and our neighbors *who are more like our aunt and uncle* took us to the celebration..we had lots of fun and everything..and we were getting ready to leave when I looked over and saw one of the bands that was going to be performing that night..and they waved at me..now the strange thing is I don't remember what the band's name is ;_; I think i narrowed it down to either Verve Pipe or Vertical Horizon, but I'm not sure..;_; cause in my memory there faces are kinda blurry..I wish I could have remembered more!! This really sucks! Cause I know that it's gonna bother me all day! *grrrr*

Ok now that, that is out of the way..I would like to offically let everyone know I now have a myspace account! 0_o yeah a myspace account..my screen name is shanny_shanchan..wow that's a change from this one..lol yeah real creative..I know..it kinda stuck..^_^; Add me and I'll add back! I am looking to have lots of friends! I like having friends ^_^ (http://www.myspace.com/shanny_shanchan I think that's the address..^_^;)

Today I get to go to work *yay..not!*. It's saturday damnit! I hate working the weekends!!! Why me? ;_; I did get my thousand hour raise though ^_^ So I am getting yet another twenty five cents an hour.

Anyone remember those live action Ninja Turtle Movies? Sure you do! I was watching them the other night..They are pretty funny. I remember watching them when I was little..I think that's where I first learned the swear word damn..they used it quite a bit in the first movie..
16th-Mar-2006 10:40 am(no subject)
Thank you soo very much! gacktyay</lj>

13th-Mar-2006 09:19 pm - what do ya think?..
i really am thinking about going back into college..i think that i want to go for my child care assistant certificate..but i don't know how i am gonna do it.

i mean my job is in holland and baker is in muskegon,i would rather finish with baker than go to another college. i am having a hard time choosing..cause i want to come back to muskegon..but at the same time i kinda wanna live in holland..>_< i am so confused and mixed up about it all!

if i go back to muskegon than that would mean i would have to quit my job at meijer..and even though i complain about it..i've grown kinda attached to the place..so to just leave makes me sad ;_; and working at another meijer wouldn't be the same..

i really hate having to be a grown-up and make decisions for myself..you know being younger..it was such a simple time..*sigh* i wish i could go back to that...

well anyway let me know what you think..i really do treasure all of my friends feedback :-)
11th-Mar-2006 11:11 am(no subject)
last night i bought the movie..unfaithful..it was ok i guess, the guy in it was kinda cute..nothing really to brag about. *see bonnie i can find other guys attractive..well, when i want to ^_^;*
9th-Mar-2006 02:31 pm - My First Ode...
Ode to Shannon

I know this girl whos really great.
Possibly the nicest person in this whole state.
DId I say state, well I mean world.
Really, this is a truly special girl.
Shes super fun and has beautiful locks.
This is an Ode to Shannon who rocks my socks!

that is soo sweet!! I love you vettatita</lj>! <lj user= vettarita>!
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